Non-profits are using digital videos to say THANK YOU

It is well documented that non-profit organizations need to 1) show gratitude, 2) prove that a contribution is being used in the manner it was intended, and 3) demonstrate impact in order retain a donor. This could be one reason why some non-profit organizations are starting to produce online videos to say THANK YOU to donors.
When you think about it, video is a great medium to “show” people all sorts of things including the three elements of stewardship that I just mentioned. Additionally, the low-cost (virtual no-cost) of digital videos makes this an irresistible activity for many non-profit organizations.
The following is a video from the Boys & Girls Club of Lorain County, and it was produced by the kids for Lebron James:
The next video is from the same organization, and the donors being thanked are a church congregation:
House of Praise
After a little clicking around online, fellow blogger and non-profit marketing guru– Kivi Leroux Miller — wrote a similar post almost a year ago titled “A Few Great Thank You Videos” with a number of fabulous links to videos.
If your organization is interested in trying its hand at directing a “thank you video,” you might want to check out the following resources:

Is your agency starting to use digital technology to steward donors? If so, what have you learned? What feedback, if any, have you received from donors? Please scroll down and use the comment box to share your thoughts and experiences.
Here’s to your health!
Erik Anderson
Founder & President, The Healthy Non-Profit LLC


  1. Hello Eric Anderson. Thank you for everything, your time and support given to a lot of organizations. On behalf of my organization. Spirit Love and Kindness for children families in need Inc. Can you please help me raise money to feed children and especially to rent a warehouse to storage food.
    Thank you
    Denise Mathurin

    1. Denise . . . I respect and honor your passion for kids and your non-profit mission, but if you’re looking for fundraising volunteers to help with your project, then I suggest you approach people in your community who share your vision for this project. If you are looking to hire a consultant, you can check out my website at Good luck!

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