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Coaching differs from consulting, facilitation and training engagements. Coaches help embed the necessary changes and support the organization as it applies the solutions and makes the transition. Coaching is an ideal means of implementing changes and making sure they take root. Generally speaking, consulting might focus more on “giving advice;” whereas, coaching involves more questioning and searching for the answers with clients.

Executive Coaching for Executive Directors, Resource Development Professionals or Other Senior Management Staff (price based on sessions)
CEOs in the for-profit sector have turned to executive coaching in recent years to fuel their productivity. Non-profit CEOs have recently followed suit and used coaching services to help them focus on post-planning implementation, work-life balance issues, staff-board relationship issues, staff-staff relationship issues, work-process issues, etc. Each coaching session is a one-hour session either in-person or via the phone depending on distance. Coaching session are not held in consecutive weeks, and the amount of time between sessions is negotiated upfront.

6 coaching sessions – $900*
12 coaching sessions – $1,800*
18 coaching sessions – $2,700*
24 coaching sessions – $3,600*

*Price listed does not include travel costs or supplies and materials, which always require pre-approval by the client. Not all services require travel and can be completed via phone or using online technologies.

Post-Strategic Planning Coaching Services 
All too often, non-profit boards adopt a new strategic plan, then staff start experiencing difficulty engaging volunteers in implementation. These coaching services focus specifically on strategic planning implementation and are intended for both the non-profit CEO and board president. Each coaching session is a one-hour session either in-person or via the phone depending on distance.

Annual Campaign Coaching Services 
Many organizations run their annual campaign pledge drive over a three-to five-month period of time, and CEOs or RD professionals could benefit from coaching services to help manage the ups and downs of a campaign. Services include 16 weekly, one-hour coaching sessions during the course of the campaign.

Work Performance Coaching – please call for proposal
Sometimes employees falter and end up on corrective action plans. Investing in coaching services for these individuals is one way for an organization to help save those employees and get them back on a productive path in the workplace.