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Keeping Your Non-Profit Fit For Life!

The Healthy Non-Profit opened its doors in May 2011. It’s mission is to help clients create (or maintain) a thriving, healthy, growing non-profit organization. 

As we enter into our tenth year of existence, we see many non-profits challenged by the coronavirus pandemic. Ironically, you are probably questioning your organization’s health at this moment.

Don’t panic. The Healthy Non-Profit is developing and starting to roll out new services to help you get through these difficult times and into what most experts are calling the “New Normal.”

Keep scrolling and email Erik Anderson if you want to set-up a consultation call. Erik can be reached at erik [at] thehealthynonprofit [dot] com.

Organizational Survival in 2020

Stay-at-home orders and social distancing a wrecking havoc with program models and fundraising plans. No one really knows how to “re-start” the economy or “re-open” shuttered organizations. A deep recession and steep declines in charitable giving are projected by most experts.

You don’t need to deal with all of this by yourself. The Healthy Non-Profit is rolling out new specialty services over the next six months to help you survive what’s certainly going to be a difficult path ahead.

The following is a list of new coronavirus inspired services and will be updated every few weeks as new offerings are developed and rolled out:

* Coronavirus Coaching
* Evolving Your 2020 Fundraising Plan To Survive Coronavirus