The Twelve Days of Resource Development

The holidays are upon us, and like many people out there I’ve been stuffing my face with cookies, egg nog and a number of other bad-for-you-sorts of things. I’ve also been indulging in things like visiting old friends and listening to holiday music. While singing along to “The Twelve Days of Christmas” in my car, I started wondering:

“What would be the twelve days of resource development if such a song was written?”

OK . . . I fully admit that I’m a dork and obviously have too much time on my hands. However, I haven’t been able to get this proposition out of my head and it is starting to fester. So, like I tend to always do, I’m going to write about it and ask you to please join in by using the comment section of this blog. I’ll tackle three days of resource development per day starting today and running through Thursday.

Come on . . . join in. This can be fun!

  • On the first day of resource development, my favorite donor gave to me . . . a signed pledge with a large increase over last year’s gift level.
  • On the second day of resource development, my favorite group of fundraising volunteers gave to me . . . a commitment to work pledge cards and help put together our special events.
  • On the third day of resource development, my favorite resource development committee gave to me . . . three key written plans spelling out success in 2012 (e.g. resource development plan, prospect cultivation plan, and a donor stewardship plan.

Well, the ball is now rolling. What do you think the fourth, fifth and sixth days of resource development are all about? Honestly, I don’t know and I’m hope for some good ideas from a great group of blog subscribers. I bet you don’t need to look too far from your desk and year-end efforts to come up with some great ideas.

Please weigh-in because we can all learn from each other. It is the perfect holiday gift to your fellow resource development profession.

Here’s to your health!

Erik Anderson
Founder & President, The Healthy Non-Profit LLC!/eanderson847


  1. I think the fourth, fifth or sixth day of christmas should be about stewarding donors with holiday goodies and hand-made ornaments (made by the members of BGC of B) to some of our top donors…that is what we are doing this week! So fun…Happy Holidays everyone!

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