Evolving Your 2020 Fundraising Plan To Survive Coronavirus

The sobering reality is the coronavirus pandemic fatally damaged most non-profit’s 2020 fundraising plans.

The reality is your 2020 fundraising plan likely is no longer realistic and needs to be re-worked. The best case scenario for a small handful of organizations is they have a lot of “tweaking” to do to their plan.

The most alarming challenge you’re facing is how little time you have to make these changes. And it is all complicated by the limited access you now have to donors and board members during stay-at-home orders and social distancing recommendations.

We’ve been telling clients the path forward is simple, but it is not easy:

This is you last week during this coronavirus crisis

Again, this is simple, but it won’t be easy. If you doubt this statement, please take a moment to reflect on this question:

Question: What tasks and projects consumed your time last week that kept you from strategically re-thinking how you will secure the revenue you need to survive 2020?

Answer: You don’t need to rewire your 2020 fundraising plan by yourself. You need to hire The Healthy Non-Profit to be your planning consultant and facilitator.