Pricing & Specifics

We developed an intense 4-week planning process. It is designed to help you engage donors, fundraising volunteers and board members in the urgent work of figuring out where your revenue is coming from in 2020.

Here are the specifics behind evolving your 2020 fundraising plan to survive the coronavirus:

  • Reduced pricing — $599 for 4-week planning process
  • Online donor engagement survey
  • Online board member survey to gauge feasibility of new fundraising strategies
  • Revised internal case for support document
  • One-page 2020 fundraising plan with refocused goals, strategies & critical action items
  • Half day virtual/online board retreat focused on building consensus and generating action and commitment to the revised plan
  • Access to online resource development toolbox
  • Access to Basecamp . . . an online project management platform

Act now because The Healthy Non-Profit is only accepting FIVE new clients at this special one-time planning consultant/facilitator rate. This scaled back planning process would normally cost approximately $5,000, but is being offered to you for $599. This offer expires May 31. 2020.