Hello world!

My name is Erik Anderson and I am an internal fundraising consultant for Boys & Girls Clubs of America. This is really nothing more than a fancy way of saying I work with local affiliates by helping them improve their resource development / fundraising / organizational development practices.
Over the last few years, I’ve obsessed about what does it truly mean to be a “donor centered” resource development profession. While I’ve been able to educate myself through reading books and websites and other blogs, I often find that I learn more about being donor centered simply through my interactions with donors. For this reason, I’ve decided to start this blog that I’ve titled “Donor Dreams.”  It is my hope that by sharing stories (anonymously of course) that I’ve heard from donors (with their permission of course) , I can help inspire others to change their paradigm and become more “donor centered.”
I also hope to share random thoughts inspired from my readings and stories from readers of this blog.
To get us started, here is a link to a great story from Gift Hub about the general idea of being donor centered: http://www.gifthub.org/2010/01/donor-centered-philanthropy-state-of-the-game.html. Enjoy the reading!
So, I am at the beginning and find myself very excited because every exciting journey starts with this same first step.