A few quick programming notes . . .

Good morning, y’all!
I have temporarily relocated from Chicago to Dallas to work with a client, and this will precipitate a few changes at DonorDreams blog. I understand that most people don’t like change, but I really think you will like this one.
Starting next week, I will only publish a blog post on Tuesdays and Thursdays. As always, those posts will focus on all sorts of non-profit relate things including fundraising, volunteer recruitment and management, board development, operations, etc.
On Mondays, Rose Reinert, who has been a guest blogger here before, will write about social media and technology related topics. Since Rose has been a non-profit person her entire life, these posts should take on a particularly non-profit flavor. To get you more acquainted with Rose, here is the bio box that will appear at the bottom of each of her blog posts:
rose draft sig
On Wednesdays, I’ve asked Dani Robbins to expand her role from posting a board development article on the first Wednesday of each month to publishing anything non-profit related every Wednesday. I’m especially thrilled that Dani agreed to help me out because she recently agreed to join the answers.com team as their non-profit expert. Needless to say, Dani is writing more than she ever has written, and squeezing me into her busy writing schedule is much appreciated. Just in case you can’t remember Dani, here is the bio box that appears at the bottom of each of her blog posts:
dani sigOn Fridays, an old friend is back and he is talking about “organizational development“. I’ve used John’s posts at johnponders blog as a springboard every Friday for more than a year and applied my non-profit stories to his organizational development principles. A few weeks ago, John announced that he was going on hiatus; however, he has agreed to allow me to re-publish my favorite articles from his blog. However, this recycled material won’t feel used to most DonorDreams readers because according to the WordPress analytics for my blog many of you didn’t click-through to johnponders. I am excited about this opportunity to expose you in a direct way to John and his blog. Here is the bio box that I will use at the bottom of each of John’s Friday posts:
john greco sigFor those of you who don’t like these changes, never fear . . . they are only temporary. Everything should snap back to the way it was around Valentine’s Days. In the meantime, you know what I always say . . .
Here’s to your health!
Erik Anderson
Founder & President, The Healthy Non-Profit LLC

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