Following his career at the Boys & Girls Club of America, Erik Anderson attempted to find more balance and health in his life. While on this journey for wellness, he noticed two things:

  1. Healthy people receiving assistance from personal trainers at the gym trying to attain a high level of well-being.
  2. Unhealthy people receiving assistance from medically trained professionals attempting to regain their health.

Erik saw parallels between these observations and what non-profit organizations strive for when building organizational capacity. It was this epiphany that lead to the creation of The Healthy Non-Profit LLC.

The Healthy Non-Profit strives to be a personal trainer for organizations that wish to strengthen their organizational muscles and do more for the community and their clients. It also exists to help non-profits who are struggling to find a more sustainable path within organizational life.

Erik recognizes that some non-profits struggle with engaging external assistance because it sometimes mirrors the car-buying experience and can come with sticker shock. For this reason, he decided to build a “healthy menu” of services and attach prices to that work in an attempt to take the confrontational negotiations out of the engagement process. You can find the menu of services on this web site; however, please understand that this approach is not meant to be a “one-size-fits-all” approach.

You always have the option of asking Erik to put together a proposal for a special project as well as bundling a number of different services as part of a larger project.


The Healthy Non-Profit’s Approach

The Healthy Non-Profit provides consulting, facilitation, training and coaching in the following organizational areas:

  • Board Development
  • Strategic Planning
  • Resource Development
  • Marketing
  • Executive Search
  • Executive Coaching
  • Organizational Development

If you have an idea, please don’t hesitate to pick-up the phone. The first consultation is always free!