Peer Coaching Program & Consulting Services

GivingTuesday is an international day of charitable giving that occurs the Tuesday after Thanksgiving.

Regardless of how much your organization raised last year, it is possible to raise more money from more donors this year.

However, this won’t happen unless you are intentional and planned in your approach to #GivingTuesday.

With this in mind, The Healthy Non-Profit developed three different services to help your organization take its campaign to the next level.

Option #1

Peer Coaching Group

Peer coaching is an activity where participants bring their own #Giving Tuesday priorities and challenges to group meetings and serve in both peer coach and a peer client roles.

Option #2

Assessment & Planning

In order to raise more money from your #GivingTuesday campaign, an assessment of last year’s efforts to determine what worked and what didn’t work will be necessary. From this point, a written plan will be developed and focus on what changes will be undertaken this year to improve campaign effectiveness.

Option #3

Campaign Assistance

Is your organization a lean, mean fighting machine when it comes to #GivingTuesday? If so, then you might not need coaching or consulting services.

In any event, The Healthy Non-Profit is available to lend an extra set of hands to specific #GivingTuesday projects during a very busy time of the year.

YES . . . “an extra set of hands” . . . you read that right.

Think about it for a moment. Isn’t the end of the year insanely busy for most fundraising professionals? Year-end appeals, pledge collection from campaigns earlier in the year, holiday centered donor stewardship efforts, and the list can literally go on. And then you throw #GivingTuesday on top of all that?!?!

So, YES . . . “An extra set of hands” focused on one or more campaign tasks might make sense for your organization. Examples of projects or campaign tasks include (but are not limited to):

Standard pricing does not apply to this #GivingTuesday service. Please contact Erik Anderson to discuss your organization’s needs. He will develop a written proposal for your consideration.